Each country has its own characteristic way of doing sales and marketing. Learning these tools of the trade can be a dealbreaker and sometimes only someone who's walked that road can advise you. 

Did you know we created dedicated country and language channels for you? Join as many as you like:

  • whether because you’re based there
  • do business there
  • are interested in getting to know that market and make connections
  • post in the local language if you prefer

Follow the links below, click “Join Channel” and say hello or ask a question. Expand your connections and get answers from users in the same particular reality as you. 

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Pipedrive Argentina
Pipedrive Australia
Pipedrive Austria/Österreich
Pipedrive Belgium/Belgie/Belgique/Belgien
Pipedrive Brazil/Brasil
Pipedrive Bulgaria/България
Pipedrive Canada
Pipedrive Chile
Pipedrive China/中国
Pipedrive Colombia
Pipedrive Czech Republic/Česká Republika
Pipedrive Denmark/Danmark
Pipedrive Estonia/Eesti
Pipedrive Finland/Suomi
Pipedrive France/Français
Pipedrive Germany/Deutschland
Pipedrive Guatemala
Pipedrive Hong Kong/香港
Pipedrive India/भारत
Pipedrive Ireland/Éireann
Pipedrive Israel / ישראל
Pipedrive Italy/Italia
Pipedrive Japan/日本
Pipedrive Latvia/Latvija
Pipedrive Lithuania/Lietuva
Pipedrive Mexico/México
Pipedrive Netherlands/Nederland
Pipedrive New Zealand
Pipedrive Norge/Norway
Pipedrive Pakistan/پاکستان
Pipedrive Philippines/Pilipinas
Pipedrive Poland/Polska
Pipedrive Portugal
Pipedrive Romania/România
Pipedrive Russia/Россия
Pipedrive Singapore/Singapura/新加坡/சிங்கப்பூர்
Pipedrive Slovakia/Slovensko
Pipedrive South Africa
Pipedrive South Korea/한국
Pipedrive Spain/España
Pipedrive Sweden/Sverige
Pipedrive Switzerland/Schweiz
Pipedrive Thailand/ประเทศไทย
Pipedrive Turkey/Türkiye
Pipedrive Ukraine/Україна
Pipedrive United Arab Emirates/الإمارات العربية المتحدة
Pipedrive United Kingdom
Pipedrive USA
Pipedrive French/Français
Pipedrive German/Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
Pipedrive Spanish/Español

Some of these are looking for channel leader, someone who'd like to be in charge of sharing content there and bringing in new members. Apply in the post within the channel! 💪


🚀 Join your Industry channel(s) too!