Hi Guys, am currently testing out Pipedrive as i'm looking for a feature and can't quite work out if it exists.

I want to be able to create and automate a list of tasks that need to happen sequentially, in a specific order when a new deal is added, with each task being assigned to a person in our organisation. The twist is that i want the task to be go to whichever team member is listed under a custom field (type User) that i've set up on each client called 'point person'. Is this possible at present?

Eg one client may have my colleague John listed as their point person, and another may have my colleague Liz. Can i set the workflow up to assign tasks to the Point person field, so that it will send tasks to John or Liz depending on who is the client's in question has as their point person?

Hugely gratful for any help you can provide, i've been searching for a system which can do this for weeks! 

Best wishes,