So we are avid uses of automation to make a business run smoothly and have around 25 set up. This ensures that we need less staff, less things to go wrong and makes this more efficient. However, I just learned that there is no ability to automate an email from the deal owner UNLESS,  we recreate every single automation for every single member of staff. 

Surely, this is absolutely crazy and defeats the object of being able to automate in the first place. It's fine if you are a solo user or freelancer but if I want to create a whole workflow that for instance sends an email from the deal owner and this  would be a very common scenario, and you simply can't do this.

Is this not basic stuff and is why we have to use Calendly Via Zapier for our demo bookings - so loads of restrictions around core and basic functionality that appears to have been skipped? Am I missing something? Help!