I'm looking to really get on top of sales and marketing for our business.  I migrated from Salesforce, as it was total overkill for our business - I wish we had never used it - I called it "the place where data goes to die" ... but I want someone to explain to me, simply, how Pipedrive fits into a bigger sales and marketing effort.

I want a recommendation of email marketing system that pushes, without effort, back into the contact records.  So I can see that contact was sent the email.  And they opened it.  And they clicked through on a link.

I want a recommendation of digital marketing touchpoints, just like above, but for people logged into digital marketing viewing ads, or Linkedin posts, or anything else.

I want to link in a website visitor activity to the organisation record - something like Leadfeeder, or Lead Forensics, or Albacross.

I'm sure there are more systems I could link in.

And stick all that on the timeline for the organisation, or contact.  How are they interacting with my business.  No thinking about how I could pull all this data together.  Presenting me information.  In fact, no, telling me who is HOT for me and why.

So I'm looking for a "documented solution" or "use case" or "works amazing with" or something, from Pipedrive staffers, who have seen this working amazing in the real world.  And then "how to's" to get it all integrated.   I'd even pay someone at Pipedrive to setup and integrate these systems for me.

And ... if it helps, use me as a case study.  Set them up with me.  Have problems then huge breakthroughs with me.  And interview me.   So others can follow this.  With Covid19 here (this post will likely look so dated in a year or two!), the faster I can get a full solution in place when I'm short of time, money and resources, the better.