I am trialling CALLER and loving it.

However 3 minor points:

1) after hanging up, I keep forgetting to check the box for "Schedule Next Activity".  This is because I am so used to Next activity popping up automatically on the completion of an activity.  It would be better (and more consistent) if the default setting was that this was checked (or we could choose our own default setting).

2) The default setting is that when Calling using Caller it assumes, this relates to the next planned activity (unless every activity is a call).  Often this may not be the case.  I think there should be a prompt as to whether this relates to the named next planned activity or a new activity rather than defaulting to one or the other.  Particularly has you can't then edit that record afterwards (see 3 below)

3) Once a call has been completed - it's impossible to edit the notes.  This is the only time that an activity cannot be edited, which is unusual.

Otherwise I remain in love with Pipedrive!