It is Almonzer 😊 Campaigns Group Product Manager, I am here to share with you some exciting news! 

As we are rolling out Campaigns to more and more users, we are getting questions from you asking about features such as Automations and Scheduling Campaigns. I am glad to share with you the highlight of our plans for 2022. 

---------------------------------- NOW

Campaigns product team is working on: 

Schedule Campaigns Later 🗓️  - DELIVERED AS OF APRIL 2022

Schedule your campaigns to be sent later based on fixed delivery date and time

Marketing filters 👤 - DELIVERED AS OF APRIL 2022 

Enabling both marketers to segment and target users according to their campaigns-specific attributes and activities. 


Provide solutions that help users to use contacts for email campaigns without worries about abuse.

The above will start rolling out during Q2 to all users

---------------------------------- NEXT

We are starting work on:

Automations foundations 🤖 - EXPECTED ROLL-OUT STARTING MID JULY 2022

Users can automate marketing communications with email campaign and time delay steps and review single campaign reports

Marketing Engagement Notifications ⏭️ - EXPECTED ROLL-OUT STARTING MID JULY 2022

Allow users to create campaign follow up actions based on recipient engagement 

Campaigns Insights foundations 📈 - EXPECTED ROLL-OUT STARTING JULY 2022

Marketers will be able to build reports in Insights based on email marketing reporting data from Campaigns.

The above will start rolling out during Q3 to all users


Later, this year we are planning:

Engagement Scoring 💚

Marketers will be able to score their contacts based on their engagement levels and the sales users can use this score as guidance in following up with specific users.

Campaigns  Insights extended  📈  📈

Marketing and Sales teams will be able to build conversion funnel-report by matching marketing data from Campaigns with Leads or Deals.     

Automations extended 🤖🤖


The above will start rolling out during Q4 to all users

I tried to highlight the key and core items we are working on, however, we are always happy to hear your feedback and develop our roadmap accordingly. 

Share your feedback, and help us improve our product! 💪