A contact has the following groups of fields in his/her profile: Details, Organization, Deals, Overview, Follower, Email bcc

Is there a way to add an additional section to display custom information?

Here is my usecase: I would like to display linked companies to a contact, in addition to the company that the contact is working for.  "John Smith" works for Acme Company (his organization). John is also my 3rd party rep for several external companies (prospects). 

I have "3rd party rep", type person, as an organization custom field. 

I can add/assign John Smith (who is already a contact in pipedrive), in this custom field to a specific prospect company.  This all works and I can see John Smith's name in one of the fields associated with the prospect company. But what I cant see on John Smith's profile is all the prospect companies I have linked him to.

I can do this in list views, but would prefer to add a custom section to a contact see additional fields such as linked companies. 

Any ideas?