As is the typical sales and prospecting process, certain and most data points are not entered initially, but as the Deal goes through the pipeline.

  • Different pipelines have different Data points.
  • Different stages within each pipeline have different Data points
  • Leads typically won't need / use even half the Custom fields needed for a deal.

The result of having unneeded Fields in the Detail view in stages they're not needed/useful is unfilled custom fields and inconsistent data entry. This is more than annoying, it's resulting in a broken and cluttered workflow.

I went in the Leads view and saw all the custom fields which are only a thing after the 5th stage in our Deal pipeline - that's just bad... and distracting - resulting in a mental block to the salesperson from focusing on the task at hand.

Just as we have the option of selecting whether fields appear as 'important fields', based on the pipeline and stage, we need the option as to whether we want to see those fields at all... Based on Pipeline, Stage and Lead / Deal


One more thing, can we have data fields in the backend, hidden fields accessible only through a data export or API? (I guess having the ability to hide fields would basically result in a workaround where we have this as well)