Good afternoon all,

I have been told and feel myself that I have the energy and passion to sell, I have proven that I can sell, I can persuade and I can think on my feet... However, I have only about 12 months of sales experience, all of it has been on the fly and not 100% committed as I have been doing other roles at the same time... 

This week I moved positions in my current company into a BDE role, 100% focused on sales and development... I have found some of my own flaws already (probably more to come) - But I need to fix it, as I have big targets and short time to hit them.

How do I create a process, or what is the best process to follow... at the moment, I am spending a bit of time finding prospective companies, a bit of time phoning companies, then I'll re call previous contacts, then I'll look for more, then I'll do this and do that and other things and I find myself constantly doing something, but in no particular order. I feel the sales process should be and could be a lot more defined to give me a real sense of direction...

What is "the best" (I know that is a loose term) flow of actions. I don't always know what to do next as such so I just keep chopping and changing through stages.

Any help appreciated as I KNOW I can be very successful at this, I just feel like my bag of smarties needs channelling.