Do you need the ability to use G-Suite Email Aliases as your "From" Email for Email SYNC... I do?

I have a primary domain via G-suite and several domain aliases like So, all of my users' email accounts are set up as BUT also automatically include This saves money on G-suite and simplifies management.

To login to Pipedrive using Google SSO I must use since it is the primary and when I set up the email sync in pipedrive I had to choose which Google Account to use BUT that must be an account WHICH MEANS that my email sync is using an address as the send from email!

This prevents me from using any email addresses as my sent from or reply to email address!

The CRM I am considering migrating here from DOES allow using email aliases for their G-suite email sync... I really hope this gets enough upvotes to get implemented quickly! 

(the competition uses to allow email aliases.)