I have observed that businesses usually do one of these three things: 

  • Have a sign up webform that integrates with Pipedrive and creates contacts on CRM when somebody signs up.
  • Use a data tracking software that syncs deals to Pipedrive.
  • Using a software to marketing qualify deals and getting deals added for MQLs.
  • Add all leads as contacts and manually shortlist them.

Which is the strategy that has worked for you? 

When we first launched Salespanel, we made it that leads who are captured from forms, live chat and email marketing were automatically added as contacts on Pipedrive along with their data and website tracking information. Users would then use Salespanel added filters on Pipedrive and shortlist contacts and created deals from then. 

Fast forward to today, we are seeing that many Salespanel users are using a strategy where they set up a lead qualification module on Salespanel and when leads were qualified, Salespanel would create a deal on Pipedrive. A few users have also set up notifications on Slack for sales when this happens. 

I am wondering what you guys do that is the most effective for your business and also helps you save time. Do leave a comment.