I'm curious to know how Pipedrive users are working with email sequences/Cadences. I use Klenty which has a deep integration with Pipedrive to send out email Sequences/Cadences. 

But here is the problem. There are so many types of contacts/leads my CRM and i only want to export specific types of leads/contacts to Klenty so that they start receiving email sequences. 

Now, when an email is either read/clicked it's auto updated in Pipedrive through Klenty. 

It's becoming a huge challenges for me to figure out who opened/clicked my emails in Pipedrive out of all those hundreds of contacts/leads in Pipedrive. How do i filter those now? 

Also, it would have been easier is there wan a workflow automation in Pipedrive something like - when an email is read create a followup task or add a tag or add a label since this would differentiate only those specific leads/contacts who opened my email. 

Any help on this or a work around is much appreciated