I started using the new Lead Inbox as we have 2000-5000 companies we need to contact or at least systematically qualify whether they would be a good fit for our product offering.

I started off with importing the first batch of 2000+ leads (company names + optional contact person), but I soon noticed the quality of my data was quite bad... lot's of duplicates and garbage entries.

To my horror, I soon realised:

  • there are no basic sorting options in the Lead Inbox
  • there are no filter options in Lead Inbox (apart from owner, but as I imported these, they are all owned by me)

So I am struggling with actually managing the data/leads in Pipedrive, with all of the duplicates and garbage I have unfortunately. 

Additionally, I wanted to report on the progress to the management. Then I realized:

  • there are no options to report on the Leads?? (just Deals, etc.)
  • I can not even export the leads out of pipedrive? (into an excel scheet which I could create a report from)

Any help on the way?