I want to create a filter to look for all contacts whose phone # starts with 601, 770,256, 334, 478. Do i have to create the criteria for every single one or can you comma separate them or if not how?

I was taking a look at your question, unfortunately it's not possible to have them separated by commas you'd need to create a new line for each of them. Alternatively, you can exclude the numbers you don't want the system to display in case those are fewer than the ones you wanna see.  

OK. You should enter this as an enhancement request. It's very labor intensive to recreate every single line. One other option that would alleviate 75% of this problem is to be able to create a filter of, for example, "within 25 miles of x location". You have the ability to do this if you're on the app searching for businesses close to you, but i need this for marketing purposes available on a PC