I'd like to do 2 things in order to keep bigger sales teams updated but not overwhelmed by tons of emails...

  1. If a deal is created by a specific user, I'd like to add specific users as followers. 
    Why? Some inside sales colleagues are working for specific sales guys. The should be informed automatically as soon as a sales guy changes something in a deal. OR: Somebody  picks up the phone and receives a request by a customer. He creates a deal for a sales guy. His insides Sales colleagues are added automatically in order to prepare a quotation.
  2. They should be informed as soon as the sales guy changes something in the deal. But not if one of the other inside sales colleagues are changing something. You could do this with a workflow as well: Something like "Trigger: deal fields has changed by USER". Other scenarios: 
  • The Head of Sales wants to be informed about the actions of his sales guys (and not the inside sales). 
  • The Head of Sales uses this function only for new colleagues in order to find out if they are working properly with Pipedrive.

Would be great if this works..