Hello there,

This is a bit of a vent...

First, with the post UI here, but below something more important (for me) with PIPEDRIVE

I just typed a bunch of stuff in POST.  Then clicked on QUESTION/POLL (cause I thought it would be a better option).  My data disappeared.

I'm sure there is some UI "commandment" somewhere that stipulates "thou shalt not erase data without warning your user".  I'd love Pipedrive to live to this.

Here, it's a small thing - I know now & won't do again (I empathize with all future new users...)

In Pipedrive itself though, this is an issue.  Especially for keyboard users (and unlike this one, It's one I still repeat).  Let me explain:

  1. When you have an activity POP-UP that you are editing.
  2. And chrome indicates a spelling error.
  3. Using the keyboard to put up the right-click/options menu is common.
  4. Deciding you don't want that option, and typing ESC is also common (at least for me).  I'm on the keyboard - I'm not thinking ESC means delete all my data - that's really really not common UX.  In fact, from a keyboard there's no way to dismiss that option list except ESC.
  5. And, if you press ESC to dismiss the options list, your activity/note that's "popped up", also dismisses (Pipedrive captures all keyboard commands in the browser...).
  6. And so, the "UI commandment" (which I've made up) is not followed...

I'm slowly learning (by the stick) to not do that.

I'd actually say, this is an Accessibility issue.  While keyboard use is just an efficiency thing for me (and a decades long habit - tough to break!), I'm guessing this is probably not WCAG (some level) compliant.

OK, phew - rant over.

I appreciate Pipedrive - very much enjoy the software.  And I do cry thinking of the notes lost :P - so hoping for some com-misery if any of you have experienced & hoping it can be resolved one day.