Hi Community,

WeMapSales brings geo-visualization and analytics to Pipedrive! You will be able to visualize your data and activities on a map; geo-analyze it; automatically create and manage territories in a map-based interface; and much more.ย 

WeMapSales has integrated four geographic visualization and analytics tools into one App, which creates a seamless experience for you. This eliminates back and forth between different Apps and the need to buy and implement several Apps. This brings powerful technology that was accessible only to a few, to you!ย 

  • Empower your Pipedrive data with WeMapSales.
  • Map-Visualize sales data in real-time for quick and efficient decision making.
  • Create, optimize & manage territories to achieve sales goals and drive productivity.

The single sign-on access and tight integration with Pipedrive makes our App plug & play. This App does not need any installation and your Pipedrive data is automatically updated. Login and you are ready to use WeMapSales.ย 

Give our App a try for free and help us add more to it. Reach out to us with feedback, comments or request for more information & demos! Meanwhile check out ourย  Introduction video on Youtube or visit our Marketplace page.

Thank you,