Right now, if you have a lot of (let's say 100+)  activities on a deal, it's impossible to really use that information that sits in the activities (including notes made in phonecalls on that activity for example).

Here are some things that I think Pipedrive could do to improve the activity feed (and honestly make it useful):

  • Filter by activity type.
  • Do paging instead of scrollable loading of the activity feed (right now, I just can't get to the initial conversation I had with a lead or a customer). I would like to be able to go to the initial conversation with a click.
  • I understand that this would put more load on your servers, but it would be so incredibly useful to be able to search through activities! I wouldn't mind if this was only on the Professional plan or available as an add-on, but being able to do this would be awesome.

Thanks for considering!