I love Tableau for the interactive features in the dashboards. I also love the flexibility it offers when combining different dimensions (columns) and measures (metrics). There are a number of other integrations for Pipedrive data visualization but I have used Tableau far too long to switch now.

I have developed a series of Tableau dashboards to answer any questions that the management and the sales teams ask from time to time.

I have published one such stripped down version of the dashboard using only the Deals data from Pipedrive. I would love to get some feedback to uncover my blind spots. :)

Currently, I manually download the data from Pipedrive, but it takes me less than 2 minutes to do so. The data is hosted on a Google Drive/Google Sheets and it is automatically refreshed (if using Tableau Online), or with a click of a button (if using Tableau Public).

It can be used as a on-going dashboard. However, because of the manual data download required, I am aiming low by calling it just an occasional health-check dashboard.

Link: Pipedrive Dashboard 

Demo video: 


Appreciate any feedback that you may have.