Hi all!

So, I am currently working in the manufacturing industry as a Sales Manager. We design and produce refrigerated display counters, display cabinets, cold rooms and freezer rooms. Within our company we have different departments such as sales, engineering and production with different systems being used. A flawless flow of information between our departments is key, as I need information from other systems (such as CRM, CAD, PDM and ERP) as input for my sales quotes. For instance, I might need to retrieve pricing information from ERP and process it into my sales quote tool.

In my daily work, I struggle with spending an enormous amount of my time on manually putting this information from other systems into my quote tool. Most importantly, having to do this manually results in errors in my sales quotations and long lead times.

I'm very curious to learn about your situation. Do you experience similar problems with errors in quotes and long lead times as a result of poor system integration? And what would be the ideal solution to fix my problems?