Recently we started working with a Pipedrive customer and are almost finished with an integration to hook their data up to our system. Before we end up siloing ourselves down a certain path (one where we have to write a fully bespoke integration for every Pipedrive client) it'd be useful to have a chat with a few of you to understand what KPIs you track and the qualifying criteria for them.

Example: is a call a call when it lasts a certain duration? Do you put more weight on all attempted calls or connected calls? Do you subtract from a KPI when a deal moves backwards in the pipeline? What are your core KPIs and why?

Essentially we're trying to consider all edge cases and would really appreciate the insight. Bonus points if you share your current procedures for tracking & incentivising KPIs! Feel free to PM me or drop a comment below if, as the group is designed for, you'd like to share ideas.

Cheers :)