Is there any integration/sync with office 365 planned for calendar and contacts? This seems like a nobrainer since half the world works on office, and we can't really completely change to Pipedrive without this feature. How do you guys deal with this? Just use a google calendar as middleman that syncs with office 365 calendar? Does that work without a hitch?

Also: is there a 'checklist' functionality or module that sales people can update on the fly while meeting prospects? I tried custom fields for deals but it's a bit clumsy if you need to fill in ~10 fields.

Does anyone know if it's possible to take a picture with a smartphone, perhaps through the mobile Pipedrive app, that gets synced to the deal in question in a custom field, and if possible synced with onedrive?

We'd also like to sync a few email accounts for the (small) possibility that a certain client gets in communication with someone else in our team, without having to buy additional team licenses, since only few teammembers will be actually using Pipedrive, and the others (like the company owners) just want to occasionally use it as overview, but we don't want to miss any emails that might get handled by somene else. Is there any way to do this without paying the full price for every email account? Also, can we be logged in simultaneously to the same account?

And lastly: I'm noticing some translation errors. My native language is Dutch but I'm seeing pieces that are in French. Will this be updated, or can we add our own translations,..?

Thanks for any replies, tips and pointers :-)