We have a form on our website which is filled out by our website visitors requesting a price quote. This is our main method of collecting leads. Once the form is filled out, it's emailed to our sales email address which is used with the email sync feature of Pipedrive. We also create a deal in Pipedrive using the API.

The From: address on the email is currently set to the email address of the person that fills out the form. Whatever they enter into the email field is what we set as the From address on the email.

This however is really not the best way to keep email servers happy because if the person that fills out the form has an email address of somedude@yahoo.com for example, Gmail (and other servers) will just reject the email as SPAM. Why? Because the email is claiming to be from Yahoo's servers but it's not really coming from Yahoo's server, it's coming from our server where the customer filled out the web form.

To make the emails coming from our form more SPAM filter compliant and actually receive our mailbox and then on to Pipedrive via email sync feature, we have to change the FROM: address to an email address that lives on our web server such as webserver@ourserver.com. Then we set the REPLY-TO: header in the email to the email address of the person that filled out the form.

The problem is, now we receive the emails without them getting rejected by SPAM but when we try to reply within Pipedrive by hitting the reply button, the REPLY-TO address is ignored completely and the webserver@ourserver.com is filled into the TO: field. We then have to manually delete it and fill in the email address by hand to send any emails from Pipedrive which are replies to our quotes (so, all of them).

The purpose of the REPLY-TO: field is so that it's honored within email clients for these very reasons. The email address which the email came FROM is not always where a reply should go to, especially in this day and age with all the SPAM filters.

ALL email clients I have ever used, honor this REPLY-TO header but, Pipedrive does not and this is making using Pipedrive a real hassle for us. We love Pipedrive but having to manually remove and re-enter the email address for every email is causing us to reconsider other products to handle our leads.

The only alternative is to set the FROM address to the email address of the person filling out the form on our website, unfortunately, our email provider refuses all emails from Yahoo and some other domains because of the SPAM (SPF) settings set on those domains.

So, it's one annoyance or another at this point.

Any other work around I am missing? How are other users of Pipedrive dealing with this problem? Is it possible some users of Pipedrive are not even aware that they are missing these emails?

I only realized how many emails were getting blocked and leads were being lost when I started creating deals in Pipedrive using the API. I ended seeing a lot of deals being created but the email that gets sent would never show up.

In the past I would manually create deals from the emails, using email sync. Since I probably lost 20-30% of the lead emails due to this issue, the deals and leads were also lost. This was not a result of anything Pipedrive did wrong but that I didn't have the FROM address set to an email address on our server. Once I fixed that, all emails come through and no leads lost but now I have to manually remove and enter the email address every time I send from Pipedrive.

Thanks for reading all this and I appreciate any advice you can provide while I wait and hope that Pipedrive will update the email sync client to honor the REPLY-TO header.