For customers to feel reassured, supported and engaged with your business during the Covid-19 crisis, all marketing automation messaging they receive needs to reflect and be relevant to current events. 

Failing to update your email marketing campaigns, especially those triggered by automation, can send a negative message to your customers. Instead of feeling positive about your business, customers will see you as out-of-touch and careless. 

For example, a prospective customer signing up to a mailing list only to receive an automated offer to attend an already-cancelled event, tells your customers that you don’t really care about the crisis or your customer base. It shows that you’ve either ignored or overlooked your automated messaging and removes all human-elements from the process. 

But if you make a simple adjustment and offer your customer something they can use or do now, you’ll discover significantly better engagement rates and far fewer ‘unsubscribes’, helping you to meet your sales goals.

Looking at your existing marketing automation messaging, how do you think you might adjust your language or imagery to keep your customers engaged? And what challenges must you overcome to do this?