Hi people!

I am Kyrylo from the TimelinesAI team. We have created a tool that enables teams to collaborate on the communication with clients from Whatsapp.

We’ve figured out that often our users would share the links from our tool into their CRM to make it accessible by the rest of the team. So we're considering a direct integration with tools like Pipedrive.

But first, I would love to hear your opinion on how it should work to be the most useful for you. If you would love to see the new Pipedrive integration with Whatsapp, please tell:

What problem would such integration help you to solve?

How would you use it?

I would appreciate hearing from you!


In case you are interested to learn more about the project we’ve been working on,
visit https://timelines.ai, or write to me at kyrylo@timelines.ai.

UPDATE #2: Thank you all for your interest and replies! 

The integration of Whatsapp to PipeDrive is ready. It works via webhooks, so you may set up all kinds of automations you like. For example, we prefer to save Whatsapp messages as Activities, because it enables us to make such messages actionable.

You can also export your contacts and tags into TimelinesAI  to send them replies on Whatsapp.

Update #3: Automatic Whatsapp PipeDrive integration is now live on PipeDrive marketplace (try it for free). Read more in the post below.