Dear Pipedrivers,

my company is currently planing to pull our entire customer interactions into Pipedrive. It started with Sales, than Onboarding and now we are considering implementing the entire Customer Support into Pipedrive as well.

There is one major issue, that I just couldn't work out so far, though: Efficiently connecting each Pipeline to the next.

What exactly is the issue?

For multiple reasons, we not only use different Pipelines, but also a different version/copy of the original Sales Deal: We want to keep insights useful and mark Deals that are won as "won". If you do that, you have to create a new Deal through a copy when you transition into a new Pipeline and place the Copy within the first phase of the next Pipeline. This also helps to keep all the information including activities and tranfer them over into the next Pipeline.

This technically works, but causes some problems. The biggest problem is that you end up creating multiple duplicates of the same deal, which clutters search results, causes confusion and makes things less clean overall. Also the automation to copy a Deal when marked as won,  change the title, mark it as "open" again and put it in a different Pipeline is complicated and prone to errors.

What would be the goal?

Seemless connection between multiple Pipelines that portray the various segments of customer interaction. Or even better: Connection into a specific "Customer Support Loop" or a Project Managemant stage instead of a Pipeline, since in most use cases, Customer Support is an ongoing thing and not really a Pipeline with one singular goal.

Any help to do this more efficiently is appreciated! Also, I'd appreciate some feedback from Pipedrive directly as to what exactly might be planned for the future here (@Inês Batata, @Mike van der Valk).

@Jeremy Gulley @Luke Martyn 

Thanks in advance!