As a Reseller I am working more and more often with clients than need to close a recurring monthly sale with certain clients, and have a master deal that can be use to deduct units of products will be a great idea to have, in order to know how much remaining products we need to sell in order to get the objetive. 

As an example we have COMPANY B that I need to close a monthly deal of 1000 units of PRODUCT C. During the month I could get purchase order of 30, then 20 the next week and I would like to see that from the master deal I will have a remaining 50 units to get the goal.  

This is not possible to implement “Goals” in Pipedrive since we can not do this with certain organizations or clients. Also it is not the solution to use the feature “Revenue” in the deal.

Do you know how to implement a process-solution to manage this?