Hey there! 
My company has been using PD for a couple of years and we have really liked it. Our business has a number of clients we work with on an annual basis and we might have 1-3 projects (deals) with each client for the year, and then nothing the next year, and then a couple projects the following year. Each year is different, and so is each project. We have a great pipeline for the individual projects which is also how we estimate how big the business will be for the year.

Where we are struggling with Pipedrive is how to track the client relationship which "resets" every spring -- which is also the time we want to start hunting for new clients

For example, in the spring we will want to reach out to all of our existing clients and new leads and will start making a deal for each individual project as the details come together.

Any ideas or suggestions for how to track the new leads and the longer term relationships with the clients?