Dear Pipedrivers,

My Pipedrive has to answer a lot of my questions, like "Who of my contacts tagged as "decision maker" in Singapore haven't I been in touch with for longer than 2 months?" Of course I can create a filter for that.ย 

Creating a filter for every single question would clutter the filter list tremendously. That's why I would love to see a feature I call "Instant Filter" in Pipedrive: I can use the search bar to write a filter in a notation like in JIRA or Todoist. I can click "save as filter" if I want to - or not. That way I can quickly sift through my contacts, deals, activities, anything to find what I need.ย 

For your reference:ย 

JQL (Jira Query Language) - mighty but also complex:

Todoist Filters - much less powerful but more straight forward:

Thank you!

Best regards,