Hello, we have been using pipedrive with a small internal sales team at my company for about a year now.  We've recently added many of our external sales reps to our account.  Most of the external sales team's process/workflow is the same but the triggered tasks are assigned to different people than the internal sales teams tasks.  

I was hoping to duplicate automation for specific tasks and change whom the triggered activities were assigned to, then have the external sales team turn off the main automation created, then turn on their specific automation.  I don't see where this is possible - they are set up as regular users, not admin users - so they may create automation but it doesn't look like they can see the automation's built buy others in order to turn these on or off.  

I don't see where I can change this in their visibility settings.  If there is no way to do this, I will have to change all of the automation built and have each user individually set their own automation up manually.  Has anyone else encountered this challenge in their business?  How did you work around it?