Here's the convo I had on my chat with a Pipedrive rep.  Hopefully it explains what I am needing and hoping you add to your Insights reporting.  Thanks!

I'm new to Insights and have an Activities completed report but it won't separate my numbers by Pipeline. I took a screenshot.

The thing I am trying to find out, is how many activities (of a certain type: verify insurance, pre-aut, etc) were marked done during a certain time period and are linked to a pipeline. aren't activities in essence linked to a pipline?

The Pipedrive support agent explained to me that "activities are not directly linked to a Pipeline, but to the deals that are on the Pipeline; this is the reason why the Pipeline field does not appear. Because it would appear for Deal related reports, but not activity ones. You are able to see on the activity list below if the activities are linked to a deal or not, but not to which Pipeline".