@Inês Batata 

Currently PD starts the selling process for Campaigns. Therefore, the email compliance specialist team is contacting interested PD users to fill out a form and answer questions. The problem I have is:  how to proof to them that I have legitimate email addresses to send campaigns too. We are in business since 2017 and I only address customers / or users which have a business connection via one of our SaaS products. All of them listed well before there was campaigns. The problem is: 


  1. Campaigns sends the mails via an email address that is not my regular one. RESULT: Some of the mails will bounce even though the customers now us for quite some years. This will trigger the bounce rate or abuse rate (strong wording used by YOUR email compliance staff)
  2. Campaings does not offer a double opt-in solution yet so that we can ask our customers to sign up again

So there is no way I can solve this ... and there is little understanding on the other end with the compliance team at PD / Mailigen. 

What is you solution for this?