This will likely be too much for a single post,, but here goes! We operate in the service industry & get prospects from several sources, including: (1) Angie's List, (2) Home Advisor and (3) a Ductz website.  With the exception of (3), each of these sources have had "custom" e-mail parsing and web page scraping developed to import the leads/prospects ( (1) & (2) ).  Of course, these are "home-grown" integrations (mostly work), but there are still some holes since this has been developed piecemeal.  Also, another integration that's somewhat annoying are the phone calls - we utilize RingCentral IP phones, but they're really islands to themselves (no integration on the horizon other than Chrome plug-in).  After the leads are captured in Pipedrive, a "call" activity is created & that's where it ends.  I am looking for (I think) a consolidation of this disjointed patchwork into some sort of lead & (eventually) customer followup - to stay in contact with those that DO turn into real customers.  Ideas welcomed - and I am a little weary of chasing the next "shiny object", thinking it'll solve some of these issues.