From now on, all new leads have to be linked to a contact (either an existing one or a new one is automatically created), similar to how all deals have to be linked to a contact.


🤔  Why the change?

  • You can now add a Lead from an existing Contact and track the contact history
  • Importing Leads with your Contacts? They will now be linked.
  • Contacts created from Leads are included in your Contact Sync (on web app and mobile)
  • Simplifies syncing marketing tools with Pipedrive
  • No more concerns about having 3 places to store contacts in Pipedrive (Leads Inbox + Leads Archive + Contacts)
  • No more missing link between leads and contacts
  • No more losing data in your Leads Archive

What else has changed?

  • Contact duplicate detection happens immediately when you create a lead
  • A more organized “Add Lead” modal (similar to “Add Deal” modal)
  • All lead-generation tools (LeadBooster, Chatbot, Web Forms, etc.) now create/link to contacts by default


🔮  What more is planned for Leads Inbox? 

  • Custom fields
  • Selectable columns
  • Bulk actions
  • Exporting Leads
  • Email integration
  • Calling integration
  • Leads in the mobile app
  • Leads Insights
  • Leads included in Workflow Automation

Learn more about Leads Inbox from our Knowledge Base and our Academy.