As SaaS company in a scaling up stage, we have almost 200 subscriptions added to PD. We were so thrilled this feature was added. Thanks for that.  At this stage we are experiencing more and more the limitations of this feature. 

In general we'd like to have much more insights on the history of a customer's subscriptions. Like how many he has, when did he grow from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 5. We'd also like to put him on a specific deal fase of ie 3 months free use and then he starts paying. Well all kinds of features fitting a SaaS business.

As for insights we are missing  2 main things:


  • Amount of clients churned
  • Amount of licenses (subscriptions) churned
  • Amount of €/$ churned


  • Overview per customer
  • Overview per group (type) of customers
  • Overview per sales rep
  • Overview of all customers

These metrics at least reported all per month over x time.