Hey Guys,

We are rocking with 2019 projected sales and need to have the very best to equipment our sales team perform at their best.

I need help from someone who has already plugged away at implementing Pipedrive for a team to implement for our company to buy us some speed on implementation. If you know of someone or have used someone's services, please tag their details.

  1. Client Application page (fills out a questionairre)
  2. Calendar booking page (assigns lead to sales person that has timeslot available)
  3. Zoom meeting link creation, send to client with calendar booking confirmation
  4. Reminder emails to appointment booking
  5. Pull customer data from IFS
  6. Manage sales pipeline with comms integrated from email etc
  7. Personalized msg sent from Bonjouro when payment has been made
  8. Manage pipeline person / per reagion / overall
  9. Track communication (emails opened, link clicked)
  10. Integrate payment notifications from Stripe
  11. Call & Email directly from app

I hope everyone else's sales are looking great for 2019.