we use the Sales Documents feature. and Insights reports, both great. Here is our issue: Insights reports ONLY show DEALS. which is good for some reports. However a report we require is: Show all deals that had PRODUCTS created OR Modified during a timeframe. AKA what was the value of deals/quotes we did. last week based on product values. How can we get that?

our flow (likely everyones flow)

 1) make new deal 

2) confirm info and needs 

3) move along pipeline 

4) add products (items, qty and prices) 

5) make a quote based off those products using sales documents. 

6) send to client 

7) make changes to PRODUCTS (qty or item) 

8) make NEW sales document 

9) send new sales doc to client


we need to be able to have an insights report on all deals that were CREATED or CHANGED in a given timeframe.