For the users who already enjoyed the Goals feature in the previous incarnation of Pipedrive's Reports, this needs no explanation -- and you certainly voiced how much you missed them during this transition period, for which we appreciate your patience. 🙏

For the users who already joined us in the Insights era: Goals are an essential element of growth. They give you a clear vision, set a sharp focus, and help to drive time and resources on what matters most, so you get closer to achieving what you need. They're also an important factor of being driven and motivated to keep working further.

And now they're here! 🎉

For whom?

  • All plans
  • Team Goals available for Professional plan only

How does it work?

  • set Goals for yourself, for other users, for teams and for the entire company
  • set a Goal duration, so they’re flexible in time to reflect your working reality
  • compare your actual results with your desired results in real time
  • use that knowledge to adjust course or confirm that you’ve created a winning strategy
  • pre-existing goals will be migrated to Insights automatically
  • improvements will be continuously released until late December
Goals in the Reports view of Insights
Goals in the Reports view of Insights
Goals in the Dashboards view of Insights
Goals in the Dashboards view of Insights


🔎 Learn all about Goals in Insights from our Knowledge Base tutorial  in your preferred language.

🔎 Learn all about building better dashboards and reports with Insights with our Academy video.


What are the three main Goals you're going to create? Comment below.