Group email is a basic function that should be available for advanced level of membership. Recently  PD changed it and it's now part of professional package. The limit of 100 contacts that the email can be sent to is also not great. I get that pipedrive is not focused on being in the business of managing client communications via newsletters and communicating to 100 people or more, but there's a difference between trying to communicate to your team, which can be 250 or 500 people. 

The cost of moving from advanced to professional level doesn't justify based on feature differences and pipedrive will start pricing themselves out compared to competitive products out there. Yet I'm a heavy PD user and my team uses PD as well, individually. 

My PD is grandfathered, so advanced package takes care of group emails, but my team is forced to use professional to have the same features. Considering that PD doesn't have drip campaigns etc, it's more cost effective to move to another tool for that purpose rather than paying for pro version and still having to use another tool.