Hi guys/gals, 
Your Zapier integration allows a useful "updated contact" feature. Unfortunately a contact is considered updated even if they receive a BCC email (e.g., through the hidden BCC feature or otherwise). This makes the feature basically unusable since it generates too many "updated contact" events -- when in fact we only need an "updated contact info" event. 

Can you fix this by either: 
(1) changing the Zapier integration to NOT consider a contact updated if all that happened was a new email received, OR 
(2) add an additional Zapier trigger "Updated Contact Info" which only refers to actual contact information fields for that person being changed (not including received emails etc etc). 

I know (2) may require two timestamps in the database to track both of these events but otherwise it is not really feasible to use pipedrive as the primary source of information/contacts etc. (1) is a cleaner solution -- but may impact people that want to see the "Update time" change also when the contact receives an email. I suspect not many do. If you can think of another solution also please let us know.