There are many posts in this community about email, calendar and contacts synchronization, and the issue that Pipedrive synchronization is ALL OR NOTHING, as in also synchronizing private items from your calendar. And that with calendar sync enabled, all Pipedrive users get full access to all other users’ calendar, free to create, edit and delete any appointments and meetings.

The above issues render the synchronization feature useless to many, if not most, organizations.

A fix and priority to this have been promised in many threads by Pipedrive support for ages, but so far nothing. This is disappointing, given that the worst issue with synchronizing calendar entries marked private could be fixed with a simple IF statement...

IF item.private = TRUE
                “Do not sync item”
                “Sync item”

(I know it's not this easy, but... come on)

The full access for other users to any user’s calendar might not be as easy to fix, but then at least limit calendar sync to One-Way sync, from calendar to Pipedrive. 

And then lastly, do as other CRM programs do, let the user decide what gets synced, by only synchronizing items that are marked with a specific Category (Outlook/365) or Label (Google/Gmail). A great name for the category/label could be “Sync to Pipedrive” 😊 

A fix to above issues would really boost our adoption of Pipedrive to handle the whole sales process, including email, calendar, and contacts with high efficiency

Synchronization of email/calendar/contacts done right, is the top thing I miss in Pipedrive, having used other CR'M's like Dynamics, Salesforce, and Sugar.  So please consider prioritizing this.