Hi Guys, nice to join you all, I hope I can benefit from all of your expirences with this great piece of software.

I have a specific problem at hand and would like to know if someone has an idea of how to solve it:

the company I work for has around 40 sales-reps worldwide, we have established a well working process of how to forecast revenue using the data from pipedrive. I now want to use this information and also optimize our stock management.

My Idea was, to use the product module to add products to certain deals to know what and how much of it, is going to sold when and how likely.
Unfortunetaly you cant export this data in the way I need it to, to make it work.

I am now investigating third party products to solve the problem this way.
Also, our purpolsals lack a little visualisation, so a well integrated software for quotations would kill two birds with one stone.

Did someone came across the same problem and found a good way of solving it ? Or can someone recommend purposal software from the marketplace in general ?

Thank you guys for your help in this!

greetings sebastian