Hi, this is an interesting question from my client.

Can we keep deals in pipeline even when they got marked as 'won'?

According to the Help Center article,  Pipedrive automatically hides all the deals won or lost.

Any deal that has been marked as Won or Lost is removed from that view, as it no longer requires your continued attention.

But sometimes, these deals need additional attention; for example, my client runs on-site workshops and he has to take care of all the problems that can happen during this events even after the contract is signed. And he'd like to write all these information as 'Note' in the Pipedrive deal pages.

I suggested the client to add more stages in the pipeline; for example, add a new stage after the  'Negotiation' to hold all the deals whose contracts are signed. At the very last step, he can mark a deal as Won after he take care of all these actions in this new stage.

But this suggestion doesn't sound good to him because he cannot forecast revenue with this suggestion. For example, Sales Performance section of the Report is all about Won Deals, as explained in this Help Center article.

Can anyone come up with an idea to satisfy these two conflicting goals?