Hi All,

I'm looking for advice and suggestions from others on how they manage the actual fulfillment of won deals in Pipedrive. 

At the moment there seems to be no way to automatically push the data from a won deal to any other platform / gsheet / anything and also include the products associated with that won deal.

Due to this, if one of our reps closes a deal for 10 x Product A and 10 x Product B (closed by received a PO from the customer), and then marks that deal in Pipedrive as won, they still have to manually confirm all the product details / quantites to our order fulfillment team.

This is incredibly time consuming and leads to a large amount of double-entry work - has anyone found a good workaround? Even w/ Zapier or other integration tools, PD doesn't support the product info on deals going to other platforms.

Very keen to see what workflows others may be using!