I have just started using the Recurring Revenue functions and I have noticed some things that you might be able to help me with or pass to your product team.

  • On the Insights reports, the currencies are not converted properly. They are converted 1:1 to the base currency of the plan. This is a major problem as the revenue forecasts are therefore completely wrong.
  • When clicking on a monthly column in the Insights report, it shows all the deals instead of the deals pertinent to that month.
  • The blue bar chart colours of Recurring and One-Time seem too similar.

Some nice to have improves to consider too.

  • Create subscription products so you can just select the relevant package and all the details will be connected.
  • Bulk update of existing deals so that you can start using the Insights tool to get a snapshot of your current business position. At the moment, we will have to update all deals manually. The insights data isn't much use if you don't include your historical deals.
  • Option to edit more details on the subscription once its been added. Deleting and re-adding seems a bit dumb.

Also, as I write this, the Add Deal button isn't working on Organisation and People pages.