When Pipedrive recently made the switch to the new layout and removed the old reports instead for insights, it has truly made some very big challenges for seeing a snapshot of completed activities as a company.  The old report was fully clickable (all numbers could click through to deals and other reports).  The old report you could copy and paste to Excel.  The old report contained all the necessary fields such as "notes" and "next activity".  The new report only shows 12 reps at a time instead of scrollable.  Most numbers are not clickable.  Way less fields available, and in particular the notes and next activity fields are not available.  

I have worked a lot with Pipedrive support, but haven't really made good progress.  I have to assume many others out there are struggling with this change.  The old reports were a great way to keep reps accountable, and also keep up to date on progress within different accounts.

Will this be updated, and soon?  Needed ASAP, as it is greatly affecting our management team.