Emails in Pipedrive is quite the hassle for us.

  • Smart Bcc / Automatic Linking Does not work if you have more than one deal for a Person - which we always do...
  • Using Email directly in Pipedrive is really lacking - We cannot expect our salespeople and other users to shift away from Gmail or Outlook.

This presents a problem if we want our email threads to be linked to specific deals and use Pipedrive as a source of truth when it comes to communication with our customers.

There are 2 Options

  1. For each new thread, Go to Pipedrive Inbox > Find the email thread > Manually link the thread to a specific deal. (Awesome!)
  2. For every single email you send, add the Deal Bcc address you want to link it to. (Highly convenient and we can definitely expect everyone to follow the process...)

Option 1 isn't much of an option, nor is Option 2 - and with option 2 you won't even see the customers responses in the deal, not can you respond in the deal to the Bcc'd thread, it's static - sooo, not very helpful.

I see 3 Possible solutions

  1. Better smart Bcc which will do a better job linking emails to deals by parsing the email subject and body (might be far fetched)
  2. If I Bcc an email thread once, It should link the ENTIRE THREAD to the deal - it should act as if I manually linked the deal. This is possible as pipedrive has access to your inbox which means It knows the thread you added the Bcc to and the API has a simple 'Link to thread' endpoint.
  3. Create a clean Gmail and Outlook extension/add-on to Link an email thread to a deal Just like we have with the sidebar in the Pipedrive email Inbox.


Happy New Year!