I'm testing new features and..... they are great! 

SalesDoc (I'm using it with OneDrive Office365 and it works very well also I read the service is "coming soon" :-) ) -> MUST HAVE

Prospector: very interesting. Now I'm using (for the Italian market, atoka.io (great service but only for Italy and UK, with API available....)

LiveChat -> will kill Intercom users ;-)

WebVisitor: like a "magic spy" ;-) I know Leadfeeder, not bad (but too expensive for me IMHO) .. so I will test this integration

Guys, with this new features, I decide to organize a webinar soon (before the end of this month) for my community in Italy and all italian people, because this is a NEW Pipedrive !

Last feature: Zoom Integration (or Teams Integration). When you have a beta release... please consider me to try