This technique as told by cold email outreach expert extraordinaire Becc Holland (Sales Leader at Gong, G2, Chorus, Saleshacker) revolves around 2 central ethos - 

1 Carry the conversation forward without being too pushy

2 Creating messages that pull your prospects to respond to your emails.

Now a push message is making your prospect the center of attention, while a pull message is shining light on yourself or the product you are selling. 

I made a handy template which you can include inyour your cold email, the next time you do it -

Push - say something genuine that you like about their work

I love your podcast and my favorite one is episode 249 when you told me your cat story

Pull - Tell them about solving a particular pain of their with your tool/service

“I know personalizing your sales is difficult to do at scale, but with Outplay, your sales team can do that which a click of a button”

Pull -  ask your CTA, with your best value prop

“Why don't we zoom on 3 pm on Wednesday? so I can tell you how Outplay customers get 30% bump in meetings booked within 2 months of their sales team adopting us”

Push - Go against the conventional wisdom of ending with a question, end it on the strongest note by making it about your prospect

“Anyways, I really hope your company continues to grow even more this quarter and more people get to know about your terrific catcast”


The best part is that this is not a script. You can personalize it in the way you want. You can implement this particular technique easily by making multi-channel sales sequences on outplayhq.

If you are interested to know more about this technique, here is Becc explaining it -