Why doesn't the option exist for me to bulk add Activities to checked records in the People list? Seems that this is a basic functionality of a CRM, yet the bulk edit only allows you to change basic information in records.Β 

Instead of being able to check those people off and create an Activity for them (e.g. "Sent card" with today's date and mark the activity as Done), Pipedrive is forcing me to:

1. download a spreadsheet

2. Add Activity column

3. Create activity for each record

4. reupload the data into Pipedrive

Instead of taking 5 minutes, this is now going to take me at least an 60 minutes. I'm really disappointed given how much I pay for Pipedrive on a monthly basis; I chose Pipedrive for all the functionality it had over competitors (even though it was much pricier), but I'm left frustrated that I'm going to have to waste so much time with activities like this that should literally take five minutes. There has got to be a faster way than exporting and importing! Please add ability to add information to all sections of a person's record by using the Bulk Edit feature!